Dura-Seal Commercial

High-Performance, commercial grade, protective coatings for painted surfaces, wood, metal, fabrics, leather and concrete paved areas.

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Since 1992

TF Group products continue to provide Kiwis with year-round protection and easy-cleaning of their vehicles, boats, caravans, motorhomes, farm equipment and much more.

Antiviral Surface Coating

Fogging Applications

TF Group & Dura-Seal

Helping Kiwi’s keep things clean since 1992.

Cleaning and protection products and services for aircraft, aluminium joinery, commercial vehicles, farm equipment & Gel-coated motorhomes, caravans and boats.

Ceramic Coatings

Easy Clean Coatings

TF Group manufacture, import and distribute a range of ceramic coatings for cars, motorhomes, caravans, boats (Gelcoats), farm machinery, aircraft and commercial metals protection. Talk with us about your protection needs.

Anitviral Treatments Colds & Flu

Surface Protection

Protection products that can provide up to 30 days of surface protection on commercial vehicle interior surfaces. Up to 100 washes on textiles and 24 hours as a hand sanitiser with protection.

Paint & Metal Surface Cleaner

Strong But Gentle

wide range of quality surface cleaners for commercial vehicles. TF Group’s collection of surface cleaners extended form waterless through to no-rinse cleaning solutions that clean and protect.

Year After Year Protection

Lasting Care

Protecting outdoor equipment from the ravages of rain, mould, UV damage and more. TF Group outdoor furniture protection products allow you to enjoy years of enjoyment and ease of cleaning with your outdoor furniture.

More Than Cleaning

The TF Group collection of products and services have been supporting Kiwis since 1992. With automotive and commercial applications in paint, leather, fabric and outdoor furniture protection products. With the advent of COVID-19 in 2020, our range extended to protecting you inside your vehicle, workplace and home.

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Mission & Values

About Us & What We Strive For

From a relationship with DuPont to market Teflon furniture protection products. Came the underpinnings of the TF Group and our focus on helping Kiwis protect and enjoy their possessions. Since those early days of fabric protection, TF Group has continued to grow in providing lasting quality products for the home,car and commercial business applications, in both New Zealand and Australia.

Our Mission

Provide superior quality commercial grade cleaning and protection products and service that make our customers lives more enjoyable.

Our Vision

Easy cleaning with longer-lasting protection for commercial vehicles, aircraft, motorhomes, boats, cars, aluminium joinery, garage doors and most anything in between.

Our Values

Listen to the needs of customers, respect their privacy, innovate solutions to the unique problems we face in NZ for protecting equipment. Act in a professional manner while striving to achieve simplicity in solutions that help our customers “clean-easy”.

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