High-Gloss 9h Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating

Dura-Seal Ultra’s aircraft paint protection products withstand the rigours of flight through hot, cold and wet conditions. Providing years of deep rich high-gloss easy cleaning performance.

Ceramic Paint Protection

High-Gloss Protection



Protect painted, and plastic surfaces from UV damage, with a lasting wet-look finish.

Epoxy & Enamel Surfaces

Strong Bonds

The Dura-Seal ceramic coating range of products creates a strong bond to the two main types of paint used in aviation; epoxy and enamel. DuraSeal Ultra can provide additional UV blocking and extended life to the existing paint shine.

Looking Their Best

High Gloss Tripple Resin

Dura-Seal Ultra’s Aviation products provide a high level of gloss to the finish with that just waxed wet-look all the time. It achieves this by holding the contaminants in suspension on the coating surface – preventing them from etching into the epoxy or enamel finish. Significantly reduces aircraft wash times and cleaning products used.

Ceramic Coatings For Cessna Aircraft 

Light Aircraft Owners

Ceramic coatings for Cessna aircraft. Dura-Seal Ultra’s 9h ceramic coatings for aircraft provide a high level of gloss and protection to the painted surfaces. Saving money on reconditing and cleaning costs.

Airplane Paint Restoration

Restoring & Protecting

A full repaint may not be needed when you consider that a paint surface correction & restoration followed by a durable Dura-Seal Ultra ceramic coating can extend the life of the painted surface by many years.

Durable Hydrophobic Properties

Self Cleaning Effect

Dura-Seal Ultra’s Ceramic Coatings can be applied to all types of aircraft. For painted, plastic and rubber surface providing a durable protective layer. With added gloss and the self-cleaning effect of their hydrophobic properties.

Interior & Exterior Cleaning 

Products & Services

OPT Power Clean is the best interior and exterior aircraft cleaner in New Zealand. Safe for use on ceramic coatings, fabric, leather and plastic surfaces. Easily removes stubborn contaminants while entirely environmentally friendly. Need cleaning services? Ask Us.


Aircraft Grade Epoxy & Polyurethane Paint Protection

Dura-Seal Ultra Ceramic Coatings create a strong bond to the surface of all epoxy and polyurethane paints. Once fully cured to the paint surface it provides years of lasting protection, extending the time between aeroplane paint restoration periods.

Aircraft Grade Enamel Paint Protection

Dura-Seal Ultra Ceramic Coatings provide lasting aircraft paint protection for epoxy paints. Prviding an additional lavel of UV proetction for enamel paints.

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Aircraft Cleaning

The Best Cleaning Products

The best aircraft cleaning products are ones that contain multi-use properties. Powerful enough for tough grime yet gentle enough for use on interior surfaces like fabrics. Plastics and leathers.

We recommend OPT Power Clean.

Cleaning & Reconditioning Services

We have partnered with nationwide detailing businesses who can perform interior and exterior cleaning, surface preparation and application of ceramic coatings for your aircraft. Contact us or locate a person in your area.

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Key Points


Fast & Easy Cleaning Surface


UV Stabilised Protection


Bonds Directly To The Surface


Water Based Product


Environmentally Friendly


Triple Layer Resin Coating


High Gloss Wet-Look Finish


Hydrophobic Hard Wearing Finish

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