Water Spots

Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Cleaner

Hard water and mineral deposits stain the clear coat, and at worst can etch into the surface of the clear coat. Our hard water and mineral deposits cleaner gently breaks the bond.

Remove Hard Water Deposits 

Deep surface cleaning



Deep clean automotive and marine paint work of hard mineral deposits.

Automotive Hard Water Deposits 

How Do They Happen

Hard water deposits are formed when tap or boar water is left to dry on vehicle paint, glass and plastic surfaces. These can be avoided by ensuring the vehicle is cool to the touch before cleaning and drying off after washing. Spraying a product like Opti Clean can help to reduce the occurrence of hard water deposits.

Removal Of Water Spots

How To Remove Them

Dura-Seal’s water spot and mineral deposit remover gently breaks the bond between the impurities and paint surface. The product is designed to work with the Dura-Seal ceramic coatings range which holds the mineral deposits above the paint and make for significantly easier removal.

For vehicles that have no paint protection coating on them, we have a stronger version of the product. Supplied to detailers and groomers only. It comes ready to use, but can be diluted back to 50/50 for more gentle applications. When applied to the surface, you will see the hard mineral deposits lift as fine crusting on the surface. Easily buffed/ polished way to leave a clean, vibrant paint surface.

Water Spots On Ceramic Coatings

Cleaning From Coatings

From G4 to Premium and Ultra Ceramic coatings, each of them will help separate mineral deposits from the paint surface. Both Premium & Ultra coatings easily releases mineral deposits for a safe, quick clean. Apply the water spot remover onto the (cold) clean surface and wipe evenly onto the surface. Gently agitate the surface while damp, then spray a cleaner like Opti-Clean to remove the deposits and leave a clean glossy surface.

Unprotected Paint Water Spots

From Clear Coat

Non-protected paintwork will etch deeper with hard mineral water deposits. However, the process to remove them is similar with the possible additon of wet sanding. Apply the product in a higher concentration in even layers gently agitating the surface to break the bond. Leave the product to dry onto the surface, then cut and polish away the lifted deposits.

Remove or Reduce Water Spots

From Side & Rear Glass

Dura-Seal hard water spot remover can be used to fully remove or significantly reduce the effects of water spots on the side and rear glass. This is best achieved with our detailer strength water spot remover products. Using a mitt to apply and agitate the surface – gently releasing the water spots from the glass surface. We recommend only using a certified professional for glass cleaning.

Deep Clean and Reconditioning 

Ask A Professional

We have close relationships with some of New Zealand’s best detailing and surface reconditioning specialists. Dedicated people who run their own businesses, focused on refurbishing automotive paintwork to look the best it can without a repaint from water spot removal through to wet sanding and protective coatings.


Automotive Painted Surface

Safely breaks the bond between the water spot and pollution contaminant. Lifting the impurities free from the clear coat. Ready for buffing and polishing to rectify swirls and marks.

In some instances the impurities have etched deep into the clear coat, this can require additional layers of cleaning solution and wet sanding the surface.

Automotive Plastics & Bright Work

Even plastics and brightwork can accumulate mineral deposits – dulling the look and finish. Water spot remover gently lifts these impurities free from the surface. Please talk with us about its uses and training requirements.

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Ceramic Coatings

After removing water spots and polishing the surface, it’s worth considering the application of a high-quality nano-ceramic coating to minimise the occurrence of water spots on the surface.

Dura-Seal Premium and Ultra products are excellent at holding the impurities up away from the painted surface. With Ultra holding contaminants in suspension above the coating surface while providing the highest levels of gloss.

Need Help?

We have partnered with nationwide detailing businesses who can perform interior and exterior cleaning, surface preparation and application of ceramic coatings for your aircraft. Contact us or locate a person in your area.

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Key Points


Gentle On Painted Surfaces


Fast Removal Of Contaminants


Lifts Contaminants From The Surface


Safe For Use on Plastics & Chrome


Provides A Clean Surface For Reconditioning

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