Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture 

TF Group manufacture, import and distribute protective coatings for outdoor furniture including wood, fabrics and metal parts. Heping to prevent UV and environmental damage, allowing you to enjoy our great outdoors.

Wood, Fabric, Plastic & Metal

Protect & Seal For Long Life



Protect painted, fabric and plastic surfaces from UV damage, extend the life of the surface finish.

Easy Maintenance

Easy-Clean Surfaces

The Dura-Seal outdoor furniture coatings range of products makes cleaning easy; with the Dura-Seal & Premium Care products providing the slickest hardest wearing surface for ease of cleaning. With proven exceptional resistance to chemical stains, bug stains, bird dropping and mineral deposits.

Looking Their Best

UV Rated Protection

Dura-Seal & Premium Care outdoor furniture products contain environmental protective elements, with Dura-Seal Ultra providing UV, stabilised nano-ceramic properties for protecting against UV damage.

Prevent UV light from turning outdoor fabrics, plastics and metal parts form going chalky and losing their gloss.

Outdoor Furniture Oil

Wooden Surfaces

Premium Care’s wood nurturing and sealing product suspends the water and other environmental pollutants on the surface, stopping them from entering the grain and degrading the look and feel of your wooden outdoor furniture.

Powder Coated Metal Protection

Metal Surface Protection

Powder-coated outdoor furniture can quickly lose its gloss and weather protection abilities with UV damage degrading the surface. Dura-Seal Ultra’s range of outdoor furniture protection products provide a high level of UV protection and maintain the deep rich original gloss finish for years to come.

Outdoor Fabric Protection

Fabric Protection

Protect fabrics from UV, weather and grime damage. Help to prevent UV light and effects of weather from degrading the natural protection of the fibres by bonding directly to the fibres and sealing in the colours. Dura-Seal Ultra fabric protection contains UV blockers and hydrophobic properties for easy cleaning.

Prevent UV damage to outdoor plastics

Outdoor Plastics

A hard-wearing nano-ceramic formula that will keep your outdoor plastic furniture looking its best. With its easy-cleaning, high hydrophobic properties, water will quickly run away from the surface. Infused UV blockers will help prevent plastic UV degradation. Significantly extending the life of your outdoor plastic furniture.


Wooden Furniture

Seals in natural and stained finishes, with an easy application and minimal preparation work required, Premium Care for wooden furniture provides a high level of water repellency that maintains the natural look while reducing cracking and warping of the timber.

Metal Furniture

Powder-coated and painted outdoor metal furniture can fade quickly under NZ’s UV conditions. Leaving a chalky look to finish that further degrades the look and protection.

Dura-Seal Ultra’s ceramic coatings for outdoor furniture provide triple resin UV blocking layer that seals in and adds gloss to the finish. Easy to apply and water-based coatings to extend the life of your outdoor furniture.

Plastic Furniture

Outdoor plastic furniture is more susceptible to UV degradation than wood and powder-coated metal types of furniture. Dura-Seal Ultra’s ranger of UV blocking coatings will significantly extend the life of outdoor plastic furniture.

Dura-Seal Ultra is easy to apply with a lasting bond to the plastic. Once applied, it repels UV light, water and other environmental contaminants such as bird droppings. With its elf cleaning abilities, you will find looking after outdoor furniture a breeze.

Spa Pool Enclosures

Protect your spa pools enclosure from the ravages of time and UV damage. Dramatically slows down the degradation of plastics while providing a high level of gloss and hydrophobic properties. Keeps your spa pools plastics looking as fresh as when it was delivered.

Spa pool side before restorationSpa pool side after restoration


Fabric Furniture

Outdoor cushions and fabric umbrellas can be challenging to keep looking their best. However, the Dura-Seal Ultra range of protective coatings for outdoor fabrics, from cushions through to sun umbrellas can significantly extend the life of the products with hydrophobic self-cleaning and UV stabilised protection.

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Key Points


Fast & Easy Cleaning Surface


UV Stabilised Protection


Bonds Directly To The Surface


Water Based Product


Environmentally Friendly


Triple Layer Resin Coating


High Gloss Wet-Look Finish


Hydrophobic Hard Wearing Finish

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