Commercial & Industrial High-Performance Coatings

TF Group manufacture, import and distribute protective coatings for trucks, busses, tractors, boats, motorhomes, commercial lease vehicles, industrial machinery, solar panels, garage doors and aluminium joinery protection.

Multi Surface Ceramic Protection Products

Protect & Seal For Easy Cleaning



Protect painted, plastic & vinyl surfaces from UV damage, and extend the life of the surface finish.

Easy Maintenance


The Dura-Seal ceramic coating range of products makes cleaning easy; with the Dura-Seal Ultra product providing the slickest hadest wearing surface for ease of cleaning. with proven exceptional resistance to chemical stains, bug stains, bird dropping and mineral deposits.

Looking Their Best

High Gloss Tripple Resin

Dura-Seal commercial-grade ceramic coatings contain a triple resin layer that is applied as a single coat. Each layer settles to form its part of the nano-ceramic bonding to the surface.

When combined with the nano-ceramic bonding, the resins create a highly slick and very glossy layer of protection that lasts for years*. With that just waxed look after every clean.

Motorhomes – Caravans – Boats

Gelcoat Protection

DuraSeal Ultra’s Gelcoat protection range forms a lasting and robust bond directly with the Gelcoat sealing the Gelcoat finish in. While UV stabilised to minimise Gelcoat chalking, DuraSeal Ultra also gives a deep glossy wet look the painted surface finish and is exceptionally easy to care for.

Automotive Paint & Plastics

Cars – Trucks – Busses

DuraSeal Ultra’s Automotive Ceramic Coating provides years of UV protection, easy cleaning and high gloss finishing for exterior paint and plastic surfaces. Ask for the nano-ceramic that bonds directly to the surface, not on top of it.

Comemercial & Farming Equipment

Equipment & Machinery

DuraSeal Ultra’s Commercial and Farming Equipment range is a thicker, more industrial-focused product that provides all the same benefits as the DuraSeal Ultra automotive range. With the added benefits of better knock and scuff resistance.

Planes – Helicopters – Gliders – Light Sport


A hard-wearing nano-ceramic formula with a high-gloss finish. That will keep your aircraft looking its best. Easy-cleaning and high hydrophobic properties, water will quickly run away from the aircraft while in flight and be fast-drying when stationary with minimal dust spots.


Automotive Paint & Plastics - Cars - Trucks - Busses

Protecting cars, trucks and busses from the ravages of our environment. Automotive surfaces have to deal with bird droppings, bug stains, dust spots and hard water mineral deposits. Ultra keeps these deposits held in suspension for easy cleaning away and leaves not pitting or lifting of the clear coat.

Aviation - Planes - Helicopters - Gliders

Providing a hard wearing slick surface for enhanced gloss and ease of cleaning. The benefits of DuraSeal Ultra’s aviation applications extend well beyond the looks. They help to reduce wear on the fuselage, reduce cleaning time and provide for a fast-drying surface.

Farm Machinery - Tractors - Equipment

Significantly reduce farm equipment cleaning times and the volume of product used to clean machinery surfaces. DuraSeal Ultra’s commercial range of applications extends to providing a thick, hard wearing nano-ceramic surface with exceptional UV and hydrophobic properties.

Gelcoat Surfaces - Motorhomes - Boats - Caravans

DuraSeal Ultra’s Gelcoat protection products significantly reduce the likelihood of chalking of the Gelcoat. Providing a strong bond with the Gelcoat and very slick surface with exceptional hydrophobic properties for easy, fast cleaning. That leaves a deep wet-look shine.

For boats, DUraSeal Ultra’s Gelcoat protection ensures that maximum slickness is achieved and reduces weed and algae formation on the protected areas of the hull.

For motorhomes and caravans, DuraSeal Ultra significantly enhanced the gloss of the surface while also significantly reducing the drag on the surface with pronounced water-repelling abilities.

Aluminium Joinery - Window Frames

Protecting new aluminium window joinery from UV and water spot damage, and enhancing the gloss of the surface finish to stay looking sharp for many years.

Can restore light fading on aluminium joinery window frames. Some surfaces are too far gone with UV damage to be restored using the coating. However many aluminium window frames may only require a light scuff wash and application of the coating to restore and provide years of protection.

Copper - Stainless - Aluminium

Prevent copper, brass and aulminium surfaces from premature corroding and surface colour degradation. We can provide the best product solutions for display metal surface protection.

Vinyl Sign Written Surfaces

Ultra provides years of UV stabilised protection for signwriting products. It is dramatically reducing the effects of UV and environmental damage to signs and outdoor artworks.

Solar Panels

Provides a high level of hydrophobic self cleaning abilities for solar panel surface application. Maintains the voltage output of the panel to the highest possible for the environment.

Talk with us about your solar panel protection needs, we are happy to setup a trial for you to meassure your own outcomes.

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Key Points


Fast & Easy Cleaning Surface


UV Stabilised Protection


Bonds Directly To The Surface


Water Based Product


Environmentally Friendly


Triple Layer Resin Coating


High Gloss Wet-Look Finish


Hydrophobic Hard Wearing Finish

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