Truck & Bus

Commercial Grade Hydrophobic High Gloss Coatings

Dura-Seal Ultra’s Commercial Grade ceramic UV protection products will keep that just waxed look for years, significantly reducing the effects of UV, bird droppings, bug stains and other environmental pollutants.

Hard wearing ceramic protection

High Gloss Finish



Protect commercial vehicle paintwork and livery, with a lasting “just waxed” ceramic finish.

Protecting Modern Paint & Livery Film

Strong Bonds

The Dura-Seal Ultra ceramic coating range of products creates a strong bond with the painted and signwriting surface. Dura-Seal Ultra can provide additional UV blocking and extended life to the existing finish, preventing premature fading of signwriting on vehicles.

Looking Their Best

Stay Cleaner Longer

Dura-Seal Ultra’s commercial vehicle and vinyl signwriting protection products provide a high level of gloss to the finish with that freshly waxed wet-look all the time. It achieves this by holding the contaminants in suspension on the coating surface – preventing them from etching and staining.


  • Prevent Bug Stains
  • Easy Removal Of Bug Splatter
  • Reduced Road Grime Discolouration

Ceramic Coating For Trucks

Lasting Protection

Protecting your trucks paintwork and livery from the ravages of UV damage, bug stains and environmental pollutants. Dura-Seal Ultra’s hard-wearing slick surface is the easiest cleaning commercial-grade ceramic coating.

Public Transportation 

Looking Better Longer

With Dura-Seal Ultra’s self-cleaning hydrophobic properties, your buses can stay looking better for longer. The slick high gloss finish keep that just waxed look after every wash, reducing the volume of cleaning materials and wash times.

Keep That Deep Rich Look

Plastic Surfaces

Dura-Seal Ultra will protect exterior plastic surfaces from UV fading, water spot and bug stains. With its multi resin properties, Ultra bonds to the plastic surface preventing the discolouration of the plastic.

After Coating Maintenance

Cleaning Products

OPT Power Clean is recommended for use in cleaning buses and trucks. With its abilities to safely remove environmental contaminations. Power Clean can be used in varying forms of dilution for cleaning everything from paint to interior surfaces.


Truck & Bus Paint Work and Livery

Dua-Seal Ultra’s unique triple resin nano-ceramic paint protection system provides a thick layer of hardwearing, high gloss protection to modern truck paint surfaces. What’s more, the ceramic coating protects signwriting – providing an extra layer of UV protection.

Exterior Plastics

Over time NZ’s harsh UV light degrades the natural oils in plastics, turning them grey and flat. Dura-Seal Ultra’s unique blend of resins seals and protects exterior plastics and rubbers from fading.

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Ceramic Coating Cleaning Tips

For trucks and buses we recommend OPT Power Clean. 

Cleaning & Reconditioning Services

If your truck or bus is looking a little tired, we can help with providing reputable paint reconditioning and coating services to revive the look of your vehicle. 

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Key Points


Fast & Easy Cleaning Surface


UV Stabilised Protection


Bonds Directly To The Surface


Water Based Product


Environmentally Friendly


Triple Layer Resin Coating


High Gloss Wet-Look Finish


Hydrophobic Hard Wearing Finish

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