Window Frames Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Dura-Seal’s Ultra Restoration for aluminium joinery and garage doors, UV protection products will keep that just painted look for years, significantly reducing the effect of UV on aluminium joinery and garage doors.

Joinery Restoration & Protection

UV Blocking Protection



Protect joinery and rubber seals from UV damage, with a lasting “just painted” finish.

Modern Powder-coated Aluminium Protection

Strong Bonds

The Dura-Seal’s Ultra Joinery Restoration and protective coating range of products create a strong bond with the powder coat finish of the aluminium window frame and garage door joinery. Ultra can provide additional UV blocking and extended life to the existing finish for many years to come. All covered by our five-year product performance warranty*.

Looking Their Best

High Gloss Tripple Resin

Dura-Seal’s Ultra Joinery Restoration products for aluminium joinery form a hard protective layer with a high level of gloss, giving that freshly painted wet-look all the time. It achieves this by holding the contaminants in suspension on the coating surface – preventing them from etching into the powder-coating finish and significantly extending the life of the original finish.

Ceramic Coating For Aluminium Joinery

UV Protection

Cleaning and protecting aluminium window frames has never been simpler, with Dura-Seal Ultra’s aluminium joinery protection range. With high UV protection and slick hydrophobic surface protection.

Reduced Restoration Costs

Restoring & Protecting

A thorough deep cleaning of your faded aluminium window frames followed by a protective, restorative coating can dramatically reduce the need for further restoration of the window frames. Talk with us about businesses in your area that can help.

Durable Hydrophobic Properties

Self Cleaning Effect

Dura-Seal’s Ultra Joinery Restoration coatings for powder-coated surfaces forms a durable protective layer. With added gloss and the self-cleaning effect of their hydrophobic properties, helps to prevent your aluminium window frames and garage doors from going chalky and fading.

Restoring Faded Garage Doors

Bring Back The Gloss

Dura-Seal’s Ultra aluminium joinery cleaning and restoration process are effective on garage doors. Removing the oxidised coating and returning the garage door finish to an as-new finish—a hydrophobic high-gloss ceramic resin with UV blockers.


Aluminium Window Joinery

Powder-coated aluminium window joinery is susceptible to UV and environmental damage. The effects of this are seen as colour degradation and chalking of the finish.

Dura-Seal’s Ultra Joinery Restoration products form a hard lasting finish with strong hydrophobic self cleaning properties.

Garage Doors

Our specialised cleaning, restoration and protection products return garage door to their former glory, with a deep, lasting gloss that’s easy cleaning and brilliant in the finish.

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10 Year Product Performance Warranty*

We warranty our Ultra Joinery Restoration and protection products against cracking or peeling for a total of 10 years. Terms and conditions apply, talk with us about full warranty information.

Keep Them Looking Sharp

Regular Cleaning of the aluminium joinery frames removes the build-up of environmental pollutants on the surface. The window frame ceramic coating will protect the surface from UV fading and help to prevent pollutant contamination from bonding to the surface.

Each Ultra Joinery Restoration customer receives enough product to do three six-monthly cleans of their joinery or garage restoration work.


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Key Points


10 Year Product Performance Warranty


Fast & Easy Cleaning Surface


UV Stabilised Protection


Water Based Product


Environmentally Friendly


Triple Layer Resin Coating


Hydrophobic Hard Wearing Finish

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